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TGV serves more than 230 destinations in France. Record journey times. Numerous daily returns. 2 billion travellers transported since 1981.

Every day, in fact every hour, TGV services are connecting city centres throughout France, from the South-West and the Mediterranean to the North, from Brittany, the Bourgogne and Franche-Comté to the Alps and Hautes-Alpes and of course connecting all regions with the Île-de-France.

The High Speed East line provides direct connections from Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne-Ardennes to the rest of France.

Main connections Best travel time Frequency
Paris > St-Malo 2h57 3/Day
Paris > La Rochelle 3h14 7/Day
Paris > Bordeaux 3h14 21/Day
Paris > Bourg-St-Maurice 4h42 2/Day – Only in the winter season
Paris > Nice 5h37 6/Day
Lille > Poitiers 3h20 5/Day
Lille > Aix-en-Provence 4h28 5/Day
Lyon > Nantes 4h33 4/Day
Lyon > Perpignan 3h29 2/Day
Lyon > Fréjus-St-Raphaël 3h29 5/Day
Rennes > Strasbourg 5h26 1/Day
Rennes > Avignon 5h32 2/Day
Paris > Dijon 1h31 18/Day
Paris > Strasbourg 1h46 16/Day