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Group fares France

SNCF gives access to preferential fares to any group of 10 to 99 persons travelling together.

SNCF has chosen to apply a coherent commercial approach for Groups, with a coordinated service which aims to meet the expectations of its customers while constantly improving the Group booking process.

How to book a group or request a quote

If you are a travel agent, please log in to the website and complete the form under the "Groups" tab.

If you are a private customer:

  • Click on the tab « Booking »;
  • Complete the form;
  • Use the button « Add a route » if the journey consists of several sectors;
  • Use the « Comments » section to add alternative travelling dates;
  • Click « Send ».

Processing your request

Once Voyages-sncf receives the completed form, you will receive an e-mail with a reference number. That reference number must be quoted when you liaise with Voyages-sncf, regarding your group request.

Once Voyages-sncf has liaised with the relevant carrier, you will receive a quote with a price and an expiry date.

If you decide to confirm the Voyages-sncf quote, we would need to receive your formal confirmation by e-mail, before the quote expires.

After sending your formal confirmation to Voyages-sncf, by e-mail, you will receive an invoice to be paid immediately on receipt, by bank transfer. The tickets will then be sent to you after payment has been received for the total invoice amount.

Travel agents who have a credit agreement with Voyages-sncf, may also use the allowance payment for their group bookings.

In case of a last minute request for a group reservation, please take into account an incompressible process time for handling, issuing and delivery of the tickets.
For any inquiry please contact one of our Travel Consultants within the Groups Department at
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