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For journeys from the 10/12/2017 Thalys introduces a new fare range and revised service within Comfort 1 and Comfort 2 coaches.



With its new fares range, Thalys challenges its historic model of Comfort 1 (1st class) and Comfort 2 (2nd class). The new classes of service are called Premium / Comfort / Standard  : behind the changing names it is a tailor-made offer to cater the travelers needs, regardless of their travel reason and their destination. 

New classes of service at a glance


  • Standard (from 29€)

It is the choice of quality, conform with the best standards in international travel, with free new generation WiFi for all since the spring of 2016 and delicious catering in the Welcome bar coach. Some will prefer the low prices and the anticipation (“Standard Mini”: Paris-Brussels from 29€, Paris-Germany and Paris-Netherlands from 35€). Others will want some flexibility in order to benefit from the exchange and refund options (« Standard » fare : from respectively 52, 63 and 67€).

  • Comfort (from 55€)

Thalys customises its offer in particular destined for business customers. With this new offer, Thalys opens the doors of Comfort 1 more widely and optimises its spaces. Targets of the system: those who, in the past few years tended to alternate between Comfort 1 and Comfort 2 due to more restrictive transport policies. Thalys proposes travel in quiet environment that are more adapted to their needs, without the additional cost of the range of services. Those coaches provide ergonomic seats and wider tablets that are very appreciated for working. With 39 seats on average per coach (vs 56 seats in Comfort 2), Comfort 1 provides overall + 30% room, and the quietness that comes with it. What is the impact on the customer fares? Access to Comfort 1 spaces from 55€ (fare in « Comfort » on Paris-Brussels route).


  • Premium (from 115€)

Emphasises by contrast the exceptional quality of the range of services of Thalys, even more improved. To be noted: the Comfort / Premium distribution will meet the needs of the passengers. During the week two out of three coaches will remain “Premium” to meet the needs of the many business and frequent travellers who appreciate the richness of the range of services. In the weekend, on the contrary, two coaches are provided in the Comfort class.




  • Always more low prices

From Paris, Brussels remains accessible from 29€ with Thalys, Germany and the Netherlands from 35€.
In that context, Thalys increases its share of low fares to move from 25 to 30%.


  • Special attention to young people

Proposing them the lowest Thalys fares possible is the objective set to meet the needs of the under 26 year-olds, who love travelling and intercultural shares, but with low anticipation. On the price level, Thalys stakes on simplicity, by aligning the “Youth” fares on the minimum fares (from 29€ and 35€ depending on destination). In that context, Thalys grants them a considerable advantage: the broadest possible access to those fares, up to 2 days before departure on the less busy trains.


  • Updated fares for all journeys

Favouring general accessibility to Thalys is an approach that applies to all the ticket classes and not exclusively the economic fares. The Premium offer is from now on proposed from 115€ (i.e.- 19 % compared with the previous set price of 142€).
For what reason? Encouraging anticipation and upgrades to optimise all the spaces and generating overall value simultaneously to a greater customer satisfaction. The strategy is explicit: Thalys founds its growth not on fares increase but on the optimisation of its offer and occupancy levels.




With PREMIUM, Thalys strengthens its added value strategy for business and frequent travellers.

  • Catering. In line with the current cooking trends, authentic, sustainable and natural, the great Belgian chef Frank Fol - often called “the vegetables chef”.
  • International press kiosk. The offer will be extended both in quantity and diversity (+ 25% of titles available by traveller in paper press). Furthermore, all the Premium customers will progressively have access to the digital Thalys kiosk, until now reserved to the members of the ThalysTheCard programme.
  • WiFi increased. Already faster (2 Mo/sec versus 1 Mo/sec), the WiFi in “Premium” and “Comfort”  is improved with more available data.
  • Access to the lounges. 

A more accessible corporate offer


In parallel with this new range, Thalys reviews its corporate offer, in particular by broadening it by suppressing the access threshold. From the first journey, the advantageous proposals of the programme are from now on proposed to companies that request so.


Provided on three levels, depending on the number of journeys made by all the company employees, the BtoB programme combines 4 benefits: fare discounts, unlimited exchanges, refund up to D+1, and flexible access by the day.




Thalys is a high-speed train service conveniently linking the European cities of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Cologne (Germany), Paris (France) and 15 other major leisure and business capitals which are called the Thalysland.